Story of one month success

Search For Blogging proudly presents its Jan 2008 performance hightlights. Hereyou may find some of the topics from the post:

  • The number of RSS subscribers have increased by 64 %
  • I almost tripled my Technorati rank in one month
  • Alexa rank success story
  • Best posts in Jan 2008
  • How much i earned during Jan 2008?

right from Mert Erkal ,,

Even though i could not blog for one week due to my dad’s loss, Search
For Blogging has continued to rise during Jan 2008 (thanks to

By December 27, 2007 my blog had around 100 RSS subscribers daily.

On December 27, 2007 my blog’s Technorati performance looked like below:

Technorati rank : 124,132 (Authority 60) – 185 blog reactions to Search For Blogging

One month later, the new ranking looks like below:

Technorati rank : 32,335 (Authority 183) – 388 blog reactions to Search For Blogging

My Alexa rank was 253,520 by December 27, 2007. Now it is 130,273. This is another major success story from Search For Blogging

good luck M-Erkal keep up . hope we can do the same some time 🙂



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